Control Human population before it’s too late

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We have some odd problems of time, in relation to which the concern of those who are not limited to their own supply is deepened, but also to estimate and give a necessary turn in society, about the state of the world.

These days, the biggest problem is the problem of mass population growth. The thinking class is beginning to understand the problems arising from it, but for the uneducated, the uncultured class does not understand anything new. Neighbours, relatives have children and thrive there, then why worry about us? Thinking like this is like understanding that every day many people fall ill and die, then what is the need for us to be healthy and to make the direction of life?

A very old instance, Lawrence had jokingly told him to marry a widow who had five to six children, seeing the financial worries of a worthless friend. They will continue to earn and feed both of you. The husband and wife will spend time enjoying the satchel. That time was actually like that. There was no shortage of forests and land. Even after doing small things like cattle grazing, hay digging, wood picking and birds-fishing, children used to earn something. On the basis of that earning, more children lived in more profit. There were no interests, no conflict between interests. It was good for everyone to live together in a cooperative manner, so that kind of life used to be cut for generations.

But now those circumstances are no more. The land has been occupied by people. There is no such land that can be called vacant, on the basis of which millions of people used to live spontaneously. A householder did not have to worry about anything. New huts were to be built for a large population, so bamboo, chaff, wood were available from the same extensive public forests for them. Generations used to be so powerful, that the family – by eating thick grain, it remained strong with the help of open air. But where is it now?

Like raising sheep, raising children would have been a lucrative industry. But now there is a deficit in it. A lot of money is spent on making suitable clothes – bedding, schooling, medicine – liquor, marriage – marriage, business. Then, brothers, brothers live as rival and jealous. Instead of cooperation, neglect only. The problems of their bifurcation, bad luck, bad habits arise and increase. Why would those who cannot solve their own problems serve the parents? The same scenes are seen all around. The more children he has, the more anxious, sorrowful and indebted he will be found.

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