Difficulties are necessary to strengthen you

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Our forefathers were well acquainted with the great benefits of pain tolerance, so they made its practice prominent in the system of life. According to the program of austerities, they used to rehearse the grievances as if a fighting soldier had to learn war skills for a long time before fighting on a battlefield. Just as the swimmer gets great enthusiasm and joy when he gets the opportunity to cross the reservoir, the practitioner of a tolerant life sees an exciting opportunity to develop his bravery and pride in overcoming various kinds of confusions and objections. On the contrary, those who want only happiness, they also experience such nervousness, anxiety, restlessness and pain from the phenomena that come in the normal everyday life, as if there is a heavy thunderbolt on their head.

Difficulties come in the life of every human being, their coming is inevitable and necessary. There is a great need for sufferings and objections not only to discharge the burden of destiny deeds but also to strengthen, incisive, pious, progressive, experienced and develop the human mind and conscience. Like God gives many types of gifts to human beings with mercy? In the same way, they also organize sorrows and objections so that ignorance, ego laziness, impurity and paranoia of man are destroyed.

It is completely inappropriate to give yourself or others cries when you have difficulties, to be shocked, to become dumb or timid, and to start crying and wailing. This was to praise the great grace of God. In this way, that difficulty will not give any benefit; the opposite will lead to disappointment, cowardice, depression, lowliness etc. Fearing hardness, abandoning the effort, worrying and mourning does not suit any child. An objection is in a way a divine challenge to our efforts. Only by accepting that we can become the beloved of the Lord. The masters of the arena teach the wrestlers to wrestle the novice wrestlers, then they beat them and beat them. The novices do not become mournful after being slammed, but after fighting their mistake, they fight with the master and gradually become full and firm wrestlers. God is such a master who tries to reach perfection by beating many of our imperfections.

There is nothing to fear or to be afraid of difficulties, it is a useful, necessary and universal legislation of this consciousness. There is no need to be upset with them, neither to be afraid nor to blame anyone. Yes, after every objection, an effort is needed to fight the situation with new courage and renewed vigour and to overcome the adversity and create compatibility. This effort is the religion of the soul, to leave this religion means to make oneself unrighteous. The glory of effort is immense. The grief of the grief he has to face through objection is more important than the golden opportunity he got to try especially at a particular time. Efforts are the main means of self-promotion, which raise objections at a rapid pace.

Man’s pride and splendour are developed through effort, hard work and duty. One who wants to enjoy a joyful life, he should be fearless on his path of fearlessness and face every situation with a laugh.

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