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Today, this much publicity of medicine represents our unnatural life. First, we break the laws of nature. When nature punishes us in the form of the disease, we eat different kinds of medicines. Thus, what young men and women are going in the path of the abyss. The number of latent diseases, urinary diseases is increasing day by day. Our food has become unnatural, our health has become unnatural. We sleep in the day, watch the cinema at night, have fun in hotels and dance halls. They read and write in unnatural light and suffer from untimely eye diseases. We become victims of dental diseases by drinking superfluous tea and very cold ice-cold sorbet or soda lemon. Ninety per cent of today’s fashionable young men are suffering from eye and dental diseases. The number of young men trapped in the affair of unnatural intercourse, ejaculation, and adultery is revealed to us by the increasing advertisements and doctors of occult diseases. In the street of the city of Calcutta, there is a treatment of dreaming or metallicity.

In unnatural ways, the ill effects of ejaculation are very severe, the body is shabby, the young man also looks old. No matter how cleverly we sin, but nature watches everything very carefully. There is no apology in his court. What is big, what is small, she punishes everyone. His eyes cannot be deceived, for every lowly deed is a punishment. Mother Nature holds a stick in her hand, ready to hit hard on your heart. As soon as you destroy the semen, as soon as you kill her, she will make you breathless. Even then, if you do not warn or improve, then, in the end, waiting for you, will throw you towards the death, like rotten fruit, will lift you up and put you in hell tank.

Keep faith that by following the laws of nature, the patient can get health and health again from patient to patient. Slender dilapidated bodies can again become strong and strong. The work that nutritious medicines cannot do, it can be achieved spontaneously by living according to the rules of nature.

One should aspire to survive for a hundred years while working. Let us look for a hundred years, live for a hundred years, listen for a hundred years, speak for a hundred years, be prosperous for a hundred years.

In the above statement, our former men have believed that if we faithfully follow the natural laws and live a natural life according to them, then we have the right to live to our full age (ie hundred years) and if we make effort then we should live more.

If natural life is adopted, then living for a hundred years is not a big deal. Our former men, sages and sages etc. have been of great age by virtue of nature. If we go on living naturally, following the laws of nature, then age will not be degraded. It is very important to follow natural rules to achieve longevity.

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