Humanity don’t need anymore wars

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There is a fear of the Third World War, which could terrorise the entire human race. The rapid growth of nuclear weapons, poison gases and death rays, war satellites etc. and the huge amount of storage that is taking place, it seems that these are not toys to play. So much money and resources are being put for it, it is not considered to be fad or wastage. The makers think that one day they will suddenly pour this stock on the enemy side. They themselves will be saved and will rule the entire earth in a fairway. Manpower of the world – money power and skill power will be in their hands. Their vast empire would be established on land, sky and water.

But those who make this plan forget that there cannot be a one-sided war. Even the opposition will not be sitting hand in hand. No one will win by bipartisan strikes. Both will lose. The war may go on for a day, but after that, the problems will be such, which is difficult to solve even in a thousand years. In such a situation, apprehension is made that even this earth will not be habitable for humans. This elixir had to remain like a poisonous body and life would probably remain for the entire life of poisonous organisms.

But watching the movements of the people closely, they are watching the changing attitude and changing panthers. Perhaps the horrors of nuclear war will only serve to scare each other. It will not be used in that dreadful form. The prevalent weapons are enough to cover half of the world’s Qatar.

Warmongers are thinking of using laser rays in future wars. These death rays remain invisible, but they burn everything in the area where they reach. To burn like that in which the flames of fire do not arise. Lancer rays kill the lives of creatures. It makes objects exist. Trees dry out vegetation. They dry the water and do so much so that the object or creature’s face remains, but there is no life-like object inside it. Stabilized as a rock. Laser rays can drop satellites, divert the direction of ammunition. This strike has the feature that the attack is invisible, does not smoke, does not spread radiation, and there is no risk of damage to the Earth-mounted armour. Therefore, laser war is easier in place of nuclear war. It is easier to fall into a certain area of ​​the earth via satellites than to throw it above the earth. This is Star Wars.

By showing breathtaking dreams of making platforms in the sky, virtually death rays are being stored in the sky. There is an immediate advantage in this attack, the enemy is crippled in some way, but there is also a danger that the invading land or things become a problem which absorbs the radiation and engages the contact. How long should I save them? Then what should be gained from the won land? It also becomes a reverse problem for the winner.

Apart from this, one more question remains that what should happen to the molecules which have become armaments till now? There are dangers even if they bury them in the ground, bang them in the sea, blow them up in space. Due to these measures also the effect of weapons and radiation remains. He can turn around and reach the top or bottom of the earth and can poison or spill a volcano. The seawater can evaporate into the sky. The ice age can begin and the sky can form a black cover preventing sun rays from coming to Earth. Therefore, it cannot be kept safe forever. The dangers in use are similar to those of storage. If the genie is not ready to be re-sealed in the bottle and left open, it creates a pernicious nuisance.

This heated war was discussed. The destruction of two great wars of the same century having been fought with normal and advanced weapons without nuclear weapons has been seen. As many people died of bloodshed as the black death, they have eaten all kinds of epidemics. How orphaned and crippled, how much economic damage was done. Taking account of it, it seems that nobody wins, everyone loses. If there is a war with the next more destructive weapons, it can be said that all will die, no one will survive. Those who survive will also not be able to live a self-supporting life. Then it will also be possible to help the strangers. Life in an environment of poisoning will not be worthy, which one wants to live happily. By creating such a number of problems and plagues.

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