Inner-strength is the paramount strength

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Spiritual strength is paramount in many types of forces. No other force can equal it. This self-power arises in the trinity of truth, purity and perseverance. This which flows into the conscience is the same soul. The store of self-force must be understood in that.

The statement of a great man is that the strength of a thousand elephants is filled with truth. But this thing is incomplete. In fact, the truth is so powerful that it is beyond the imagination of man to estimate his intense power properly. Experienced sages, after experiencing the triviality of physical force and the importance of self-strength. One has made it clear that only truth prevails, not untruth. The benefits that people take away through untruths are also really exploitation of truth. People cheat someone only by the cover of truth.

Often, a person suffering from these mental enemies does not know whether he is in their paws or not. The enraged self does not know that he is burning in the soil of jealousy, never understands that by destroying semen, he is making his health age and body necessary. Stinging in the fascination of the miser, Maya makes the intellect void. Sometimes, due to being in possession of virtue, man starts feeling happiness and satisfaction in these fortifications only. A person sees his reputation calculated in hatred, disillusioned with society, caste and nation from person to person. The name of nurturing wishes keeps progress. The instinct of anger that resides inside begins to intensify, it is considered our duty to protect name by keeping self-respect. Considers greed as the means of its progress; it is considered ideal to waste life by putting love in the name of attachment. Therefore, these fortifications continue to grow in such humans.

These mental enemies have mutual intimacy, one comes and the other comes on its own. Prepares the ground for each other. Envy generates jealousy and envy. Hatred creates hatred, anger, fear and pride. Hatred creates an ill-temper. The duality of these psychosis manifests in many forms according to different subjects. The basic feeling of thought itself, according to the subject matter, takes the complex form of psyche, anger, fear, hatred, item, greed, fascination etc. Anger leads to collapse. Anger is related to other disorders of the mind. Subjected to anger, we have no conscience of right and wrong and we sit in a scuffle. It is a simple matter to get uprooted and fight. If anger is published immediately, then it is okay from the point of mental health, but if it reaches the inner region and becomes a sense gland then it is very sad. The anger that lasts for a long time is called hatred. Hatred is a mental illness that a poor human suffers in daily life. He is not able to keep himself balanced, by which he is hated, his good qualities, goodness, old love, high values ​​etc. are all forgotten. The velocity of anger slows down by permanently becoming a sense gland, but the sickening feeling of punishing, harming, or tormenting another person constantly burns the mind.

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