Man’s power is immense

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The crisis that is visible in these days, the possibilities that the scientists have predicted are not imaginary. The horrors are real, so even so, the believers must believe that the cycle of time will be changed and the crisis that stands in front of them will be reversed.

The will power of normal level people also works. Public opinion also has pressure. Those people who have the ability to spoil the circumstances of the world these days, they will have to bow before the awakening public opinion. The campaign to awaken people is going on. It will continue to grow and become stronger. Its pressure will be on the able people of every influential field and they will change their mind that their skills, tact should be applied for development rather than planning for destruction. Talent is a great power. Wherever she leads, she continues to perform miracles.

Current problems are interwoven with each other. There is a close relationship between one another, whether it is the environment or the accumulation of munitions. Divine disasters such as increasing infidelity or famine-pandemic. One can be resolved and all the others remain entangled, this cannot happen. Solutions have to be found outright and if the wish is true, their solutions will remain.

There are only two main powers. It is through these that something becomes or becomes worse. A weapon force-money force. The second is the intelligence-organization force. For a long time, on the basis of weapons and money power, human beings were dropped and they were unfairly suppressed. Whatever has come to mind, it has been done. This is divine power. The next day, the divine power has to come forward and experience the influence of the intellect and the organizational force. If you walk in the right direction, what can this divine ability show?

Justice should be respected, policy should be recognized from all sides, everybody is moving and eat together, this principle will be accepted by the public mind with true mind, then direction will be found, remedies will be found, new plans will be made, efforts will be made and finally There will be a way to reach the goal.

Man’s power is immense. If he is determined to do it and adopts it on the basis of justification, then there is no difficult task that cannot be completed. The question of new construction is also similar. If a human is ready to make something, then what can he not make? The pyramids of Egypt, the Great wall of China, the Suez and the Canal of Panama, the towers of Pisa have been built only by his efforts. The same idea runs as a ship, a ship, a boat. If the talented people are forced by the pressure of public opinion for the creation of the new age, there is no reason that the process of the rise of Godhead in the cremation and the descent of heaven on the earth cannot be completed easily in a short time.

The following days the provision of one world, one language, one religion, one culture is going to happen. The end of inequality based on caste, gender, and wealth has now come to a close. Whatever is required to be done for this, it will be understood and will be done mightily by thoughtful people. This time is near. We can all eagerly wait for it.

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