Population explosion is like a Cold-war

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The animal thinks about immediate problems. He neither worries about the future nor protects against changes. There is no ability to think comfortably between misfortune. But man has got the highest gift of the creator in the form of visionary intelligence. He can imagine the future. Today’s circumstances – what will produce tomorrow? Can it be estimated on the basis of logic, fact and experience? Much of the basis of human security and progress depends on this feature. Eagerness for the future is also estimated on the basis that astrologers, prophets attract everyone. In relation to the problems presented, the class of men often discusses what future problems may be. And what solutions can come out of them?

Cold war and hot war are two types of battles. It takes awful grunt to see the cold war less painful and hot war, but the results are almost the same. Cold war can be called cancer and hot war is a heart attack. But both are those who live after death.

Cold War – Today’s Cold War is the uncontrolled growth of population. It grows at a compounded pace. Now, ten thousand years ago, 1.5 million people are looted across the world. But see the miracle of compounding, these days thousands of millions of human beings live on this earth and even after stopping it is expected to have at least double population in the next century. When the daily needs of today’s man are not fulfilled and the burden of inflation breaks the waist of the average human being, what will be the situation when the population becomes double? It should not be difficult for any visionary to imagine its horrors. We must first confront this crisis. Firstly it is being said that the solution is in the hands of the common man. If people change their thinking and make a small difference in behaviour, then from all this, adversity can be prevented.

It takes some time to stop the running car. On this basis, there is a possibility that the brakes may not be tightened completely until they reach the population and there are no breaks. If this is enough, then satisfaction can be breathed and a solution can be thought of to some extent by farming floating on the sea. There are still islands in the sea, where the fertility of the land and drinking water can be found. There is still scope for settlement among them. The floating suburbs can also be settled around the big cities of the beach. Settlement settling in the sky is a fancy fantasy, but for these purposes, the use of fertile deserts of the sea and land, an oasis of deserts can be successful to an extent. The imagination of increasing the population along with tree development on the mountains is also not a fact. In an emergency, similar measures can serve the purpose of snuff.

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