The fire element in nature

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The fire element is the producer of life. Without heat, an organism or plant can neither grow nor develop. Consciousness is the core of heat wherever it appears. As soon as the heat is over, the activity ceases, if the heat of the body ends, then consider the end of life as well. The supreme symbol is the fire element. That is why Sun is considered the soul of the earth. We directly see that the plants and animals that get sufficient amount of sunlight remain healthy and healthy. On the contrary, where there is a lack of sunlight, there is as much malaise. There is a saying in English that ‘Where sunshine does not go, doctors go.’ That means there are diseases in places without light.

Indian philanthropists have been familiar with the qualities of the sun since time immemorial, so they have introduced various systems of sun worship. Now western physicists are also getting acquainted with the amazing qualities of the sun. Ultraviolet and alpha violet rays have proved to be very useful for health in the sun’s seven rays. These rays are also being produced by machines artificially, but the benefits produced by the rays coming directly from the sun are not as much from the rays produced by the machine.

In Europe and America, the legislation to treat patients with sunlight treatment has begun to work very loudly. The big hospitals there only do good to patients without any medicine with sun power. An independent medical method called chromopathy has been invented. In which, with the help of coloured glass, so many rays of the sun are transported to the patient as required. The disease does not have the ability to destroy germs as much as it does in the sun. Decay insects that die with great difficulty, die in a few minutes by keeping them in front of the sun. Many well-known doctors in their important texts have sung the glorious glory of the sun rays and have told that no medicine has more preventive power than the sun. Sun rays benefit everyone equally and the patient equally, so if sunbathing regularly with the following method can be astonishing aid in health improvement.

Morning is the best time for sunbathing. The evening of the poor condition is dusk. Light rays are best for this. Do not sit in strong sunlight. Sunbath should be done for half an hour in the beginning. All other body should be kept naked by keeping a very small, loose cloth in the area of ​​shame. If there is a place of solitude, a loincloth can also be removed. While taking a sunbath, the head should be covered with handkerchief or green leaves. If you get a large and cool nature leaf-like banana or lotus, otherwise a big bunch of neem leaves can be taken, which will cover the head.

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