The new wave of positive change

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The visionary prudent with regard to the imagination and planning of the future, based on their understanding and experience, anticipates the input given the current means and circumstances. This is called planning, whose arrows usually sit on the target, if it does not happen, then the man will often wander in the dark and change his path under changing circumstances. But this does not happen. On the basis of foresight, there is a large amount of logic, facts and experience behind the plans that are made by thinking agile. It is therefore believed that what has been thought will remain. You will be faced with obstacles coming in the way and will reach the target in the early morning. The same happens.

If a person is alive five hundred years from today, and come and see the scenes of material progress, then he will have to be surprised and say that it was not his knowing world. It has become like a colony of ghosts. In fact, the combined structure of rationalism and materialism has happened in the past too, which can be called extraordinary, amazing and surprising change.

There is going to be another change equivalent to this. One does not have to wait five hundred years for that. One century is enough for this new change. The conditions like today’s glare and problems like a demoniac illusion now seem frightening these days and because of the flow, it seems that the sun has set and the darkness filled with water has come very near, but it will not happen. It is a combination of eclipses. There is a shadow of change, the very strong base that removes it and exists.

While thinking and trying to destroy, this human world will be exhausted and the sources of wealth will dry up. They have to think afresh that the flow should be reversed in a new direction and the available resources should be deployed for creation. The pressure from above will make such a reversal possible. They have decided to reverse and reverse.

Ordnance factory workers and engineers will get a new job of manufacturing means of creation. The people are now full of arms. Unemployment of their factories will have to be stopped virtually by dividing the workers by lending or free.

The next day the need of a hungry, thirsty, uneducated, sick, backward world will be so much visible that the entire capital of war tools and manufacturers will be consumed for their fulfilment. The demand will also be so that the production can be consumed like water drops on a burning pan with limited profits. It can be easily deduced that a knife or a given needle is sufficient for destruction. But for development, many resources have to be raised in large quantities. The next days there will be a thousand times the demand for creative production, and complaints of unemployment, capital accumulation will not be heard from anywhere.

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