What misfortune came upon man?

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It seems surprising that why a man full of facilities, intelligent, full of security resources is surrounded by many problems? While animals and birds lead a blissful life, what misfortune came upon man, which makes him look backwards and distressed in every sphere of life?

Physically, it becomes more debilitated and sicker than previous generations. Diseases do not stop. If left with indigestion and cold, someone rarely appears. Hardly sleep, the pleasure of bitter hunger is hardly possible.

In the mental sphere, he does not have the whereabouts of his anxiety, ambitions, jealousy, malice, greed, craving, etc. By saving the brain which can live a cheerful life, it hardly looks lucky. Among the psychics, the vicious tendencies pushing towards sexuality, affluence, luxury, rivalry, crime, incest have hardly left anyone’s mind untouched. Stress, cynicism and semi-addiction hit everyone’s head. Laughing, laughing, feeding life can be counted on those lucky fingers.

In financial crisis, inflation and unemployment are the reasons, those who are engaged in business, they also do ‘above income’, they are addicted to wastage and mishaps in such a way that they also always feel the financial crisis. Live. Such a picture of taking credit and manipulation of prudence adopts bizarre ways to surprise. Even then they keep on rote of money. What is nearby, what is readily available, does not solve them.

Families rarely live. The members are fully satisfied, there is no envy of jealousy and malice, no one should complain to anyone, when they are unable to sit so well, then they can contribute to each other’s help, how did that happen? The snoop of succession remains. The complaint of disobedience of elders, neglect of the younger remains. In such a situation, how can the utterance of ‘heaven descend into the house’ be meaningful? The one who has a large family has as much concern. Problems of employment, marriage, coordination, mismanagement and misuse, loss, sickness, mutual discord are so much at home that questions of business, social, fluctuations are left behind.


To be continued…

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